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Multi-Animal Fetish Necklace by Andres Q. #AQF1


Artist:  Andres Quandelacy FREE SHIPPING!

Tribe:  Zuni

Material:  Coral, Jet (fossilized coal) , spiny oyster shell, lapis, mother of pearl, turquoise, silver.

Measurements:  26" Long  also shown in pic slide for more accurate description of each animal.

Andres Quandelacy is the most prolific of the large Quandelacy carving family. This comes about because he has one of the best "work ethics" of any Zuni carver. When not working at cattle ranching, he is always seen at his carving bench. Andres carves very sleek mountain lions, some bears with finely-incised fur, very realistic horses, and numerous other beautiful creatures. Most have heartlines on only one side of the fetish. Andres' fetish necklaces are among the most sought-after of the family.

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