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Inlaid Macaw Pin/Pendant By Harlan Coonsis #HCP100


Artist: Harlan & Monica Coonsis             FREE SHIPPING!

Tribe: Zuni 

Material: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Jet, Pink Coral, Mother Of Pearl

Measurements: Shown in Pictures :)

This beautiful inlaid macaw pin/pendant is all hand crafted and hallmarked with Blue & Gold Hallmark shown in picture.  Its also shows the sterling silver stamp along with the H.M. for Harlan and Monica.  The workmanship is so fine that it almost looks like a sticker is placed insted of the actual real stones.  Harlan has been creating beautiful work since 1975.  Originally Harlan colaberated with his first wife Rolanda.  He did the silver work and she did the stone work.  More recently he has colaberated with his present wife Monica.  Highly collectable piece to own!  

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