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Vintage Style Kingman Turquoise Necklace By Calvin Martinez #CMTZ08


Artist: Calvin Martinez                   FREE US SHIPPING ONLY!

Tribe: Navajo

Material: King's Manassa Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Measurements: Shown in pic slide =)

++ King’s Manassa Turquoise ++

This turquoise was mined in Manassa in south central Colorado. This mine is one of the oldest in Colorado & one of the better known. It was first discovered & minded by Ancestral Pueblo peoples, the turquoise was used by the Indians for personal adornment in religious ceremonies and in many of their rituals. It was rediscovered in 1890 by gold prospector I.P. King, and his descendants still work the claim. King’s Manassa turquoise is best known for its brilliant greens and golden matrices, but blue and blue-green turquoise was found amid these deposits as well. The Manassa Turquoise mine is no longer in production. Since this mine produces some of the best blue green turquoise on the market today, it is a wonderful addition to any collection.

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