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Small Royston Turquoise Necklace By Larson Lee #LL15


Artist: Larson Lee                 FREE USA SHIPPING!

Tribe: Navajo ~ Dine

Material: Royston Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Measurements: Shown in pic slide :)

~Royston Turquoise~

The Royston mine is located in the Royston district in Southwestern Nevada. Several mines were opened as early as 1902. In fact, Royston is the oldest patented mined in Nevada. While still active, the mining operations are very small working only 2 times a year. It is known for its beautiful, high quality, rich, deep green to light blue stones. These unique color ranges are often a two-tone display of their colors on even the smallest piece of turquoise. It can have a heavy matrix from dark brown to gold in color, making for unusual variations and combinations of color Royston is considered very collectible as well as a historic investment.

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