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Inlay Oval Shapped Spiny Oyster Shell and Fire Opal Pendant By Calvin Begay #CB148


Artist: Calvin Begay                 FREE USA SHIPPING!

Tribe: Navajo

Materials: Sterling Silver, Jet, Spiny Oyster Shell, Fire Opal

Measuerments: Shown in pic slide =)

Calvin was born in Gallup, New Mexico in 1965, and grew up on the Navajo Reservation at Tohatchi. He began designing jewelry in 1975. His work reflects an extraordinary attention to detail, sensitivity to the most effective combination of stones and the highest standard of excellence. His designs and work have won many awards, including Best of Show in the 1989 Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial. You can identify a piece by Calvin by looking at the precision of the inlay and the silver work.

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