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Number 8 Turquoise Teardrop Cuff By Larson Lee #LL17


Artist: Larson Lee

Tribe: Navajo              FREE USA SHIPPING

Materials: Number Eight Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Measurements: See Photos For Measurments :)

~Number 8 Turquoise~

Number 8 Turquoise has a character and appearance that can easily be identified with its golden brown to black spider web matrix and unique bright powder blue to green color. It has been valued for its beauty and spiritual qualities for years. The Number 8 mine is in Eureka City, north of Carlin, Nevada. It was first discovered in 1925, but was not mined until 1929. After many years of operation, the mine was closed because of the discovery of gold in 1976. In its prime, the Number 8 mine produced some of the largest nugget of turquoise ever found, with one weighing more than 150 pounds! Since 1976 there has been no Number 8 mined, so the limited quantity of what you see today was stockpiled by Mr. Dowell Ward.

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