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Rhodochrosite Belt Buckle #GGN01


Artist: Gary G.                      FREE US SHIPPING ONLY!

Tribe: Navajo

Material: Rhodochrosite, Sterling Silver

Measurements: See Photos For Measurements :)


Rhodochrosite, which means "rose-colored", was first described in 1813, in Romania. It is now a well recognized gemstone and although it is found all over the world, the most numerous deposits occur in Germany, England, central China, Mexico, and most notably, the Untied States. Some of the best quality pieces of Rhodochrosite occur in Colorado, specifically in the Sweet Home Mine near Alma, CO and for this reason, it was named the official state mineral in 2002. The Incas believed that Rhodochrosite is the blood from their former rulers, turned to stone, therefore it is sometimes called the "Inca Rose".

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