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Artist: Robert Shakey         FREE USA SHIPPING!

Tribe: Navajo

Measuerments: See in Photos 

Materials: White Buffalo Turquoise, Sterling Silver

When discovered in the Dry Creek Mine in Nevada, in 1993, they were not sure what it was. Because of its hardness it was decided to have it assayed and their suspicions proved correct; it was in fact White Turquoise. Turquoise in its pure chemical state, is white, a rare occurrence. It takes on color via an intrusion of either copper or iron. In the case of Dry Creek ore, its slight coloration, when present, is the result of copper. The more intrusion, the darker the color. To date, no other vein of gem quality white turquoise has been discovered anywhere else in the world. When this vein runs out, that will be the last of it.. White Buffalo Turquoise gets its name from the rare appearance of the Sacred White Buffalo in Native American myth.

Classic Style White Buffalo Turquoise Pendant #RBTS7

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