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Artist: Juliana Williams             FREE SHIPPING!

Tribe: Navajo-Dine 

Materials: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Measurements: Shown in pic slide 

~Sleeping Beauty Turquoise~

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine is in the Southwestern part of the United States in Globe, Arizona. This highly sought after stone has made a huge impact on the history of American Turquoise. Because of its bright blue color and little to no veining or webbing, it revered and highly collectable. The mine officially shut down in late December of 2015. The price of it has risen dramatically in the past year. To this day, however, there has never been a stone that replicates the stunning beauty of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. It is truly a gem of the Southwestern United States.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cluster Pin By Juliana Williams #JWN01

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