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Carefully shaped by Zuni artisans, fetishes are a physical embodiment of a living spirit. Traditionally, native peoples of the Southwest created carvings to represent the totem animals of the Six Cardinal Directions (the pivotal points of nature). By taking thoughtful care of the fetish, in return, the spirit imbues its keeper with guidance.

    14k Gold Bisbee Turquoise Pendant                  #RTGB14         $1,350.00

Turquoise Cuff Silver Native American

     White Buffalo Turquoise Oval Cuff                       #NJW56       $380.00

The Reading Mother Storyteller #MLJZ2


  White and Blue Inlay Kokopelli Pendant                     #TSFA6    $340.00

Eye Dazzler Pot With Lid by M. C. Antonio #MCTL1

     Zuni Petit Point Turquoise Hair Clip             #ZHTC9                    $398.00

Featured - Native American Jewelry

Petit Point Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Squash Blossom #LFK97


                   Micro Inlay Bear By Ervin Tsosie #ETS106


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